About Farmerscraft

Farmers Craft managed by VIMAL was formed in 2016 to deliver the best Organic grown Mangoes Seasonal fruits, Nuts And spices straight from the farms to your homes.

We are the leading producers of superior export quality organic products in the e-commerce industry since 2016.

Our products are procured from the farms around India and comes with the promise of quality, taste, Safe from pesticides, fresh from our farms and Good for health with super smooth door step delivery.

Our Story

A seasonal fruit farmer for almost 6 decades forms a small group of farmers to produce organic fruits especially mangoes in 2012 then farms and grows organic mangoes in 2013 later in 2016 plans to deliver the mangoes directly to customers so the farmerscraft.in was born later it had widen to some seasonal fruits and later what we are today.

Farmers craft is your way to goodness for organic non pesticide intakes, we are featured in a few news publications for our best quality of service especially with our products that no on else could match in India. We are a brand made by farmers focusing on delivering all types of authentic Indian residue free fruits nuts, and spices along with healthy nutritious alternate snacks that every kid would love to take as replacement for the junk snacks that they usually take

If you are in the mood for a healthy nutrition for your kid are for your parents are for yourself then we are here give us a try and you will never need an other as we give our customers good alternatives for the most of the same old snack.

Fulfilling Sweet Cravings

We handmake most of the Nutritious laddu's.

In whatever state or city in India you live, Farmers Craft is committed to fulfil your cravings. Our goal is to provide healthy food or healthy alternate snack.

Empowering Farmers as a Farmer

Farmers craft Empower and Encourage Mango Farmers Not to Produce More, but to Produce Better Quality Mangoes

These days many fruits are artificially ripened including alphonso mango. Mango is a fruit which offers variety of health benefits but if it is loaded with toxic chemicals then it may do more harm than good. At Farmers Craft, we encourage and empower mango farmers to produce carbide free and chemical free mangoes. Even if they produce a small quantity of mangoes that tastes good but our focus is always producing residue free Organic Mangoes.

Freshness, Deliciousness & Variety

Alphonso mango has a name that tends to intimidate your mango cravings. Each of our mangoes are hand picked and Farmers Craft approved. Once you taste our Alphonso, there’s no going back. These fresh, juicy Alphonso mangoes make a flavorful addition to your summer bucket list.