If the Mangoes arrive damaged (or) over riped kindly take a video covering all the mangoes that came in the box very clearly along with the box that they came in and additionally add 3 photos clearly and state the issue in the video.

Issue 1. Over ripe
Issue 2. Damaged

And send it to farmerscraft2016@gmail.com with the subject dispute with delivered order along with order no or mobile no used at the time you have placed the order.


Ex: Dispute with delivered order 1xxxx - Over riped or Damaged

Ex: Dispute with delivered order mob no: 9xxxxxxxxx - Over riped or Damaged

You can raise a dispute within 24 hours from the delivery time.

If the dispute is raised after 24 hours (or) video doesn't cover all mangoes along with box clearly showing us the issue the dispute will be rejected.

Within 24 to 48 working hours Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm we will reschedule a fresh box to the same address after the dispute is approved.

Note: for example If 4 mangoes are damaged or over riped only those 4 mangoes will be sent.