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Flavored Organic Cashew Nuts - Combo pack 4 Flavors (400g) Total

Flavored Organic Cashew Nuts - Combo pack 4 Flavors (400g) Total

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Cashew Combo 4 Flavors 400g Total

Plain Cashew Nuts W320 Premium - 100 Grams

W320 Chili Naturally Flavored cashew's - 100 Grams

W320 Pepper Naturally Flavored Cashew's - 100 Grams

W210 Honey Naturally Flavored Cashew's - 100 Grams

Organic Cashew (or) Kaju  - All India Delivery

At farmers craft we manufacture only the best and healthy nuts. A healthy nut will be too crunchy and strong and won't break easily in transportation.

All other nuts that you buy from online sellers or from markets you will get at least 25 to 40 percent broken and the size of the nut will be small because the top quality is exported out of the country but we @ farmerscraft give only the best and healthy nuts to everyone in India.

We donot in any way add synthetic colors or preservatives.

Our Nuts are 100% natural.

Each Nut is inspected before taken into processing and carefully graded as per government norms.

If we say that we market w180 then its w180/if we say its w240 then its w240 carefully inspected and packed.

To know the difference buy once and see for yourself. we are 100% sure you wouldn't go for another brand once you start buying from us.

Usually as a consumer what we get from the market (or) from other sellers as top quality are w240 (or) w320 (or) w450 only or even worse non graded and non processed which is very harmful.

The actual top quality manufactured in India is exported out of the country.

But taking this as a challenge we at farmers craft have made a collaboration with panrutti farmers who grew cashew fruits which is a small city in Tamilnadu have made this possible since 2018 to precure and process the fruits and extract the world-class cashew kernels and made it available to everyone.

To know the difference between the quality of the nuts and how they are graded please read the below explanation we have tried our level best to make easy understanding.


What is the true definition of whole premium cashews?  The ultimate grade for a cashew is a W180; in other words, a white, whole cashew that produces approximately 120-to-180 cashews per pound.  This means, the higher the grade, the healthier the nut, the better the taste, the more nutrition within the nut.



Standard specifications for Indian cashew kernels for export have been laid down by the Government of India under the Export (Quality Control And Inspection) Act 1963.

Cashew Kernels are graded into white/scorched wholes, pieces, splits, butts etc.. depending on the shape, size & color of the kernel.

The Govt of India  Act prescribes 33 different grades of cashew kernels.

Only 26 grades are commercially available and exported. Top 5 of them are:

  W - 180, is the ' King of Cashew ' - They are larger in size and very expensive.
  W - 210, are popularly known as ' Jumbo ' nuts.
  W - 240, it is an attractive grade which is reasonably priced.
  W - 320, are the most popular among cashew kernels and highest in terms of availability, worldwide.
  W - 450, are the smallest and cheapest white whole kernels and hence the favorite among low priced whole grades.
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Affordable price

First quality at affordable price. Purchasing for more than a year... i have made like 4 purchases from you can i have a discount pls.

Peshwe Pandurangarao
Soooooo gooood

Soooooo gooood cashew I loved it

Pinky Hazarika
More than expectation

Very nice and crispy. Packed very well. More than the expectation.

rameshwar dandekar
Super packing and nice Quality

Super packaging and nice quality..Loved it

Aravamudhan Rengarajan

I am very much satisfied with the quality product. The cashews are quite big.